WHAT I DO: I help individuals maximize their strengths and talents by minimizing stress and anxiety through the art of meditation and yoga, giving them unique tools to tackle their work/life balance dilemmas and providing them with the peace and clarity needed to reach their life goals.

HOW I DO IT: Anyone can ASSERT authority online. Very few people actually PROVE it. As a successful Meditation, Executive & Life Coach with an established track record of helping individuals & companies build solid management teams, I will bring the methodologies and tools proven to help you with healthy accountability, focus, and the insight needed to gain the results you deserve.

WHY IT WORKS: When you become clear with your goals and manage your anxiety, peace comes, making life virtually…seamless.  

This course will be the beginning you need to establish a life changing practice that will invite peace, freedom, and a healthy mental & physical lifestyle. You will leave the course confident of the basic concepts, fundamentals and reap the benefits that meditation provides.


🗣 "God gave you an incredible gift to develop the talent of those around you. You embodied the ability to bring my individual talents into order for my success. -Gabrielle Sellars 

" I was new to meditation and not sure how to get into it or even if I had time for it. Everything was at my own pace and easy as I went forward. Everything was detailed and steps broken down for anyone to follow. It's full of information that made me excited for each week to come"

-Danielle Wilson

"It was absolutely amazing! We love the feel of it as a knowledgeable & teaching tool for meditation. We loved the transparency in how meditation has transformed your life."

-Darrick and Leslie Goodman, CKYT


🗣 "This is just what we need for our Awakening and the information is an amazing asset in navigating your conscious journey. Choose to invest in your growth and healing by using this great guide as a starting point for creating your routine to develop a better you."

-Tamara Shanell, Holistic Practitioner

Hi, I’m Demetrius Irick

Welcome Tribe,

I am here to help you learn the tools that will reduce stress, anxiety and guide you towards a life you deserve. The concepts and techniques are backed by science to ensure you begin the journey of a healthy lifestyle.

"You can do nothing...or you can take a step towards the change you desire...the beauty is...it's up to you!"

-Demetrius Irick