Here you will learn the history of meditation and receive step- by- step guide to establishing a meditation practice. This course is packed with information and example to help you get on the right path.

  • Packed with 11 downloadable audio files for mobile access anytime.
  • 10 printable exercises to work-thru different life challenging emotions
  • Access to private global community of like-minded individuals.
  • 1 Live and Personal Coaching Session.
  • Weekly practice and reflection questions.

Meditation for Beginners

8-Weeks to A New Life

The A, B, C's of Mindfulness

Hi, I’m Demetrius Irick, a life long coach in leadership and personal development I strive to enhance the lives of my students through thoughtful, patience and assistance in development.

Successful Leader, Author and Executive, Life & Meditation Coach with more than 20 years in leadership, coaching and people development

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Meditation for Beginners-The Book-$20

“I was new to meditation and not sure how to get into it or even if I had time for it. Everything was at my own pace and easy as I went forward. Everything was detailed and steps broken down for anyone to follow. It’s full of information that made me excited for each week to come.”


-Danielle Wilson

 “Finished the book and it was absolutely amazing! We love the feel of it as a knowledgeable & teaching tool for meditation. What we loved most was your transparency in how meditation has transformed your life.”


-Darrick and Leslie Goodman, CKYT